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Several factors that fish stress causes

Fish as well as humans can occur due to several factors causing  stress fish, like this we will give some examples of the causes.

Everything beyond the necessary requirements or behavior of your fish will cause your fish stress, stress to your fish usually will affect fish health, reduce the life span and increase the likelihood of your fish have the disease.
Fish have a slime coat that their primary defense system against infection and stress is a major cause of deterioration of the mucus coat. Fish can adapt to different conditions a bit there and understand the environmental factors that contribute to stress will reduce the risk.
By maintaining a balanced environment that includes things like kamiparameter aquarium water as this will elimate stress.
So what causes stress for the fish?

Aquarium Mates:
The key word here is compatibility, so the last thing you want is to aggressively pursue the fish shy about fish, smaller fish with no hiding places will feel the stress when theres a big fish around
Some fish require a herd to feel secure where others may be happy in there own, so know your fish and you can ableto provide a better environment for them.

Aquarium Size:
Most fans of the new shoots will go out and buy fish a lot because they can suppress and at the time would be more popular saltwater aquariums them, about the rule of thumb is 1inch of fish per 2 gallons of water but remember the fish we will grow as well. Again notice the needs of individual fish before buying fish from the sea to avoid more trouble.

Aquarium Water Temperature:
Fluctuations in temperature should be moderate and controlled at all times. The optimum temperature for fish will vary from fish to fish, but it's too cold or hot will cause stress in fish. Keep in mind that the tank in direct sunlight will heat up during the day. The water temperature also may rise during the light period. It can be more concern with the tank is smaller than larger ones.
Aquarium Water changes can cause stress so it is important that you have the same temperature of water, and do not disturb the fish too much, too, because it is always better to change the water more or less frequently.

Water Parameters:
Poor water quality or toxic posioning is the most significant cause for stress. Most fish can survive in conditions of sub-optimal if it is not too far from their reach. But the sudden change in water chemistry will cause severe stress. Adjustment of aquarium pH, salinity, or water hardness should be done gradually. Ammonia and nitrite are very stressful and can be detrimental if high levels persist.
Nitrate, is not as dangerous as ammonia / nitrite contributes to stress at all levels.

Other factors:
Stress is also caused by a deficiency of oxygen levels (fish gasping), old fish food, and a balanced diet.
Fish is not good travelers and can cause a lot of stress so good care must be taken during the acclimatization process.

Symptoms of Stress:
hiding fish
fish do not eat or eat less than usual
fish floating on the surface or moving on the ground
wound healing is not
sick fish

Many factors must be considered but elimainating as much as possible will increase the resistance of your fish. Sources : Mencegah stres ikan Rating: 4.0
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