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How to Care for Arowana Fish

This fish is one of my favourite freshwater fish, Arowana fish Asian Arowana or (Scleropages formosus), is a species of freshwater fish from Southeast Asia. This fish has a long body, anal fin is located far behind the body. Asian Arowana generally have a silvery color. Asian Arowana are also called "Dragon Fish" because it is often linked with the dragon of Chinese Mythology.

Asian Arowana is a native species of rivers in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. There are four varieties of colors contained in the location:

* Green, found in Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia.
* Gold with a red tail, found in Indonesia.
* Gold, found in Malaysia.
* Red, found in Indonesia.
Asian Arowana are listed in the endangered species list with the status of "critically endangered" by IUCN in 2004. The number of species that are declining due to frequent trading because of the high value as aquarium fish, mainly by the Asian community. Followers of Feng Shui can pay a heavy price for these fish.

arowana fish
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How to Care for Fish Arowana

1. Notice aquarium equipment
Success of the aquarium into a comfortable place for arowana fish, really influenced by the completeness of supporting facilities.

Function aerator or air pump is supplying air into the aquarium water, and simultaneously vaporize or push the remnants of burning out from the aquarium. Aerator is quite good, if a small electrical current that moves him, but a relatively large .

Heater & Thermometer
Heater  is necessary especially when the aquarium water temperature dropped dramatically. While the water temperature control equipment or thermometer was also installed in the aquarium. In cold areas, heater and thermometer is very necessary.

Filter or filter function to filter the water in the aquarium. Work includes this filter to suck up water aquarium, filter, and back again into the tank in a clean condition.

TL Lamp
The presence of fluorescent lights, in addition to emit light, also can enhance your appearance aquarium. But, do not let light fluorescent lamp was a cause heat in excess of needs. Ideally for an area of ​​80x40 cm aquarium fluorescent lamps require 20 watts power.

2. Diligent aquarium maintenance
I can not help if you already love Arowana fish in the aquarium, it is enough diligent care. because then that, the appearance of arowana in the aquarium look healthy, fresh, and fun.

The main menu is a centipede arowana in the aquarium. but do not constantly given a centipede, should be varied with other foods. for example: shrimp, cockroaches, frogs, centipedes, lizards, and crickets.

Control & running water.
Every day is required to control water temperature and ph. As for the ideal water temperature for arowana fish around 25-27 degrees Celsius. if the temperature of cold water, immediately turn on the heater until the water temperature as needed. whereas the desired ph of about 6 to 8.5. if the ph is too low, then add the lime into the tank. in addition, water sanitation should be noted also, please treat the aquarium water with malachite green, with a frequency of 3 weeks.
and do not forget, aquarium water was also replaced. but running water is dipilahkan into two, namely: (a) regular water changes every 2 days with a volume of 10% of the total volume of aquarium water, and (b) total water change done every 3 months. if you use pam water, should be allowed 24 hours in advance for the content of chlorine to settle, and after that can be inserted into the aquarium.

3. Aquarium interior.
Life in the aquarium is a replica of the environment in the wild. therefore, necessary in the aquarium interior. This means that demands an appreciation of aesthetics, so the combination of the beauty of the aquarium with elegant Arowana fish can show a harmonious shades of coolness.

Aquatic plants.
Given the origin of arowana fish who like to hide under water plants, then we are ready to provide the plant in question. There are several types of aquatic plants to choose from, among others: vallisneria spiralis, hidrilla VERTICILLATA, riccia fluiutana, higrophila polisperma, pistia stratiotes, najas indica, and so forth.

Sand and rocks.
Sand is used as the foundation stone laying. should use river sand, which is still mixed with humus. in addition, are also included rock and coral-essay. ideal size of stones berdia meter 3 mm. these rocks have a variety of patterns and colors that range but still beautiful.
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  1. I don't think you mentioned how large these fish can get. So you will need a very large aquarium to keep them in.

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