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How to take care goldfish

How to take care goldfish. Previously, Maybe this could be a little goldfish care Tips  the new point will maintain ornamental fish.

The first search for an aquarium, adjust to the needs which the aquarium is placed, and of course budget too. I like that just to put in your own room just need an aquarium that is not too small but not large in size around LxWxH = 30x15x15 cm.

Second use of air bubbles. Desperate need of some ornamental fish and maybe some others do not. Because I think it took so I was looking for a cheap and certainly not noisy (being in the room) so as not to disturb our sleep.

Third separately or decorations or pedestal lighting, etc. as a complement to the beauty of the aquarium free aquarium at will depend budget we have.

The latter determines the ornamental fish what will we maintain. After moving from one seller of ornamental fish to other places either because it is in my place is only a little choice because that's all the kinds of fish so my choice finally fell to the goldfish. Although it is common and most widely preserved, but when I saw it was interesting and funny than the color and shape. So I decided to buy a pair of goldfish. Once everything is settled at last so suddenly had the desire to preserve fish and goldfish care precisely. Following the appearance of my goldfish.

Sorry if confidante mostly because maybe there was little sharing of tips Maintaining a goldfish that I had just done. Then after everything goes wrong I start browsing to find what is right How to take care goldfish let the fish die durable . From some references are almost all basically the same in How to Take Care goldfish and here also I would like to maybe try to be useful also for others.

How to take care goldfis.

 1. goldfish need a bubble of air must then be available aquarium water pump (producer of aquarium air bubbles).
2. If using a variety of aquarium decorations or pedestal (sand or rocks) until the first wash completely clean and the water is turbid.
3. Give enough to eat 2x a day and not too much (depending on the amount of fish that are owned).
4. Drain water aquarium about two weeks (depending on how long the water dirty fast) who do not wear this for an aquarium filter disposal. If there are more budget could use a better filter.
5. At the time drain tank before being discharged to take advance of about one dipper (bucket) of water in the aquarium. Then take a goldfish using nets or nets (do not use your hands).
6. Place the fish in the aquarium water that has been taken in the bucket. Then clean the aquarium can be a cleaning brush or sponge.
7. If so, refill the aquarium with fresh water, then enter the goldfish along with remaining water in the bailer. This is to prevent stress and let the goldfish can quickly adapt again.
8. Repeat the above steps regularly and routinely.

Additional tips: If a power failure and water pump or air bubbles die one solution try reducing the water in an aquarium with so might be able to survive longer.
How to take care goldfish above I get from various sources are basically the same references and only a few may suit the needs of goldfish maintenance itself. How to take care of this goldfish I will try anything new because I also recently started keeping fish ornamental goldfish. If in fact after I practice How to take care of this goldfish none the less true and mistaken or there is a need to be added later on I will update again.

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