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Saltwater Aquarium care tips

Treatment is most often done replenish the evaporated aquarium water . Note here: that the aquarium water will always evaporate and the only water that evaporates, not with salts. For that use fresh water (with the best conditions you can get), do not use salt water. If the sea water used to refill the water evaporates, then that would be obtained is the increasing salinity of water in the aquarium. If salinity through a certain number, some or even all types of fish could die. Use a hydrometer every time you refill your aquarium water.

Other treatments that need to be done is to periodically check aquarium water salinity. Usually along with the filling fresh water as mentioned above. Although the water that evaporates has been replaced with fresh water rather than mean levels of salinity can be fixed on the expected scale. Aquarium water salinity could tend to rise due to the feeding of ornamental fish (food always contains salt). Although this trend is classified as very slow, could be many months depending on the amount of food provided.

Cleaning the glass of moss covering it certainly is necessary so that we can always enjoy the beauty of our akuairum. Magnetic glass cleaners are best. It's just that if you use traditional lava sand (from the river) some kind of rock harder than glass may be contained in the sand. If the stone is attached to the magnet, then the glass will be scratched, even worse to cut (and solve)! Be careful!

Replace regular sea water. Although it looks just as 'sea water', but we sometimes do not think that the content in it can consist of anything. Some minerals like calcium and iodine are clearly needed for the growth and health of ornamental fish. And these minerals would have been consumed over time. Replacement of sea water every 3-4 months at 20-25% is recommended.

Lighting is not a matter of beauty alone. Adequate lighting and arranged in such a way that can mimic sunlight is necessary for the bio-rhythmic life in the aquarium. Moreover, if the aquarium is placed in the room that almost no sunlight. Some fish like-kind Keling hour kelingan have a very regular life, at night the fish of this type will be sleeping in the sand.

Finally, periodically clean the bowl container (collection cup) skimmer. Skimmer will not work if the bowl is filled with liquid manure that has been produced.

Caring for marine ornamental fish

Marine fish food can be in various forms: dry food / pellets, assorted seafood, and vegetables.

Pellets as processed foods humans have a very complete nutrition. Can dipasatikan that fish receiving the pellets will live healthier and longer in the aquarium because nutritional needs are met in full.

In contrast with seafood, any seafood species have specific nutritional content. Seafood should be given in a variety of and turns to satisfy the need for a complete nutrisis this. For example, shrimp, clams, fish, squid, and other sebaginya.

Vegetables only be given if there are fish-eating vegetables such as surgeonfish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Samadar some kind. Vegetables are often used are kale, lettuce, mustard greens, lettuce Clubs, and others.

How much food should be given? Food for marine fish should be given in sufficient doses or less, not more. Foods that are given too much will affect the quality of aquarium water. As an illustration, for example to 10-15 fish in the aquarium 150 liters, can be given as much as one teaspoon of pellets every day or every other day.

Feeding does not mean that all fish must obtain jatahnya every time food is given. Could have at one time a fish does not get food because the move less quickly than with other fish. But on the next occasion is usually the fish that 'more hungry' it will move more quickly to get food other than fish that are relatively 'more satisfied'.
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