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How to Build a Fish Tank

How to Build a Fish Tank

By Kenny Leones

The Making Of A Fish Tank.

Five glass panes (Front, Back, Left, Right and Bottom Panel)

Silicon sealant (100% Silicon, non-toxic)

Silicone Carbide sandpaper or Emory cloth


Paper Towels

Duct tape

Washable felt-tipped marker
Step 1

Determine how large the fish tank will be. What are length, height and width? This is important because this will influence the thickness and size of the glass that will be used. If the glass is too thick, the financial cost will be high. One the other hand the glass may crack or the fish tank may burst is the glass used is too thin.
Step 2

Once the size of the fish tank is determined, place an order to the glasscutter. A total of five glass panels are needed. One panel is for the base or bottom of the fish tank. Two panels of equal sizes are for the front and back. Another two panels of equal sizes are for the right and left side.
Step 3

One the panels are cut, sand down the edges with silicon carbide sandpaper or Emory cloth. Make sure the edges of each panels are smooth and flat since the edges is where each panels with be joined. One the edges are smooth and flat, clean it out the edges with a paper towel wet with acetone.
Step 4

Lay down the five panels and label each panel accordingly (Bottom, Front, Back, Right, Left) using the washable felt-tipped pen. Also, label which side of the panels is inside and outside the fish tank.
Step 5

Cut four strips of duct tape of four to six inches in length. Stick these strips on to the corners under the panel designated at the base of the fish tank. Half of the strip should be sticking out. These strips will serve as bracing as each panel.
Step 6

Determine which edge of the bottom panel is the front. Run down a bead of sealant on the whole length of this edge. Take the Front glass panel and press down into the sealant. The front and bottom panels should have a 90% angle. Do not wide down the excess sealant. Secure the two panels with the duck tape that was adhered earlier.
Step 7

Run down a bead of sealant on the edge of the bottom panel where the right panel will be placed. Run down a bead of sealant on the edge of the front panel where it meets the edge of the right panel. Get the right panel and press firmly on the sealant. Secure with duck tape.
Step 8

Repeat these steps for the back panel and the left panel.
Step 9

Once all sides have been installed, run a bead of sealant on the inside of the fish tank where the corners meet.
Step 10

Let the sealant dry for 24 hours. After this period, slowly fill the tank with water. Observe for another 24 hours for water leakage.
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