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How to make your aquarium

If you are an admirer of the aquarium you may think that to make sea water aquarium will surely make your pockets drained away ..., but if we are good at sorting and of course often diligent search for information of course we can all News.

Presenting a fantastic sea view into the favorite room in the house will certainly be aternatif to relieve stress. to start this hobby takes perseverance and our willingness to set aside time to take care of our aquarium regularly.

Construction of container depends on the design of the aquarium that will be done based on the desired shape aquarium. Form which is used as an aquarium fish culture containers include rectangular aquarium, aquarium trapezoid, parallelogram eight aquarium, aquarium-six terms, aquariums and aquarium bottles ellipse.

After planning the aquarium glass to be made, the next step will determine the size of the glass used to make the aquarium. The size of the glass to be used generally ranges from 3 mm - 16 mm. As reference in making an aquarium, the size of the glass to be used can be seen as follows.
• Glass Thickness (mm) 3, the length of the aquarium (cm) 30, aquarium Width (cm) 20, High aquarium (cm) 20
• Glass Thickness (mm) 3, the length of the aquarium (cm) 30, aquarium Width (cm) 20, High aquarium (cm) 20
• Glass Thickness (mm) 3, the length of the aquarium (cm) 40, width of the aquarium (cm) 20, High aquarium (cm) 30
• Glass Thickness (mm) 3, the length of the aquarium (cm) 50, aquarium Width (cm) 30, High aquarium (cm) 30
• Glass Thickness (mm) 5, the length of the aquarium (cm) 70, width of the aquarium (cm) 35, High aquarium (cm) 35
• Glass Thickness (mm) 3, the length of the aquarium (cm) 80, width of the aquarium (cm) 40, High aquarium (cm) 40

For the glass to be used as a basis aquarium plus 0.5 to 1 mm thickness. After determining the shape and size of the glass which will be used to make the aquarium the next step is to cut glass. Glass used to make the aquarium is in the form of sheet glass.

Assembly aquarium
In making the aquarium, there are several things that must be controlled so that the aquarium is made does not leak and durable, with; design / aquarium design, cut glass, assemble and test aquarium to aquarium.

Tools and material that is:
• As an ingredient in the manufacture of glass.
• Brace the paper as a means to clamp a small piece of glass between \
• as a glass cutter glass cutter
• Glue glass, silicon glue used is a special glue to glue the glass to be attached properly and not leaking.
• Tool silicon glue gun, serves to facilitate the assembling aquarium manufacturer aquarium.
• Duct Tape, used in the aquarium should assemble plastic tape that is brown or black. This tape serves to assist the establishment of glass with other glass so as not to facilitate the administration to shift the glass glue.
Aquarium that will be assembled, the first step to do is to prepare the glass as the main manufacture base of the aquarium. . There are some in cutting glass include:
• Put a sheet of glass on the desk, the desk should be in a flat and clean. This is to avoid cracking the glass to be used.
• The size of the glass to be cut is adjusted to the shape of aquarium that will be made. In making the pieces of glass, sheet glass pattern was made in advance using the markers and metal ruler. Pattern is formed can be immediately deducted.
• To use a glass cutting tool glass cutter
• After the cut glass, the edges of the pieces of glass must be smoothed by grinding or karborondum whetstone.
That will be assembled into a glass aquarium is already in the form of pieces of glass that size is adjusted to the size of the aquarium that will be made. Before the assembled glass polishing should be done by using a whetstone or grinding karborundum, it is intended that the aquarium is made is not harmful to the wearer. Glass that has been smoothed all the edges with a grinder is ready to be assembled.
Method of Practice
Practice methods on how to make the aquarium:

making aquarium
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• Prepare tools and materials to be used
• Cutting the glass sheet in accordance with the desire. Rub the edges of the glass pieces with a whetstone or gurinda to smooth the sharp edges of glass.
• Smooth the tip of the glass by glass pieces. Furthermore the glass surface, especially the area of ​​the surface to be bonded cleaned of various impurities.
• Attaching glue glass (silicon glue) on the field meeting kaca.lem piece of glass.
• When the glue is mounted with glass either side of a small bias diasang.
• The other side can then be installed.
• After all the glass paste, keep their positions by using the "plaque" band. Allow the glue to dry condition
• After the inside of the joints between the glass is coated with glue necessary, to prevent any possible leakage due to imperfect adhesion before. Do this carefully so that the end result is neat but powerful. \
When required, the inside and the glass can be reinforced with a piece of glass in such a way. Glass amplifier can also serve as decoration
At the time of the glue stick to the glass should be the thickness of silicon glue on the entire surface of the glass together. This will make the same thickness of glue on each corner. After all assembled into the aquarium glass, the next step is to dry the aquarium for at least 24 hours for the silicone glue to dry completely.
The last step in assembling the aquarium is carried out tests on the aquarium. The tests carried out by filling water into the tank for 24 hours and see if there are parts that leak.

Tips and tricks expands Nanoreef Aquarium Hobby:

1. Always replace the sea water at least 10% every week.

2. Do not rush to enter into the organism because the aquarium marine aquarium takes the process to the process of recycling (recycle) of at least 20 days.

3. supplements notice that you add into the aquarium, try not too excessive.

4. note the temperature of the water, try not to exceed the max limit of 28 degrees Celsius, if necessary add a small fan.

5. without the chiller and skimmer aquarium you could survive the turn of the new water you run the routine.

6. careful in buying an aquarium inhabitants.

source : bunaken sea world | Andrtyas : pembuatan akuarium
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