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Basic Aquarium Plants Care

aquarium plants after cutting off dead leaves Pictures, Images and Photos
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An aquarium do so for the visual appeal for most people. People who are known to spend more money on decorating their tanks than the fish and the tank itself. This is a good idea when buying decorative pieces that you are considering buying pieces that both pleasing to the eye, but also a useful tool to balance and maintenance of your aquarium.

Consider using live plants Before turning to plastic green pieces stuck into the gravel. Water plants are functional in many ways. Most importantly, live plants will add oxygen to water and will help to maintain water chemistry.

They also serve as a place where beneficial bacteria can colonize. This bacterium is important to have and assist in breaking down waste products in the tank. Overall, the use of live plants helps keep your aquarium clean and healthy while adding a perfect visual effect.
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You should familiarize yourself with how to plant and care for these plants, if the decision was made to use live plants. The balance between lighting and nutrients in the tank is the key to growing healthy live plants. It is best to use lighting more than what is included with standard hoods. The ball that comes with a hood is not enough to increase the growth of healthy plants. When adding extra lighting, be sure to compensate that with a nutritional supplement to stimulate plant growth and at the same time reduce the chance of algae build up. Algae eating fish will make a great addition. They will keep algae levels low and will not damage living plants. The decision to use live plants should be a major and necessary steps taken to prepare the tank for later use. It is recommended to add all your plants at the beginning and let them become established. By doing this, you will eliminate the chances algae utilizing the nutrients added and additional lighting. Fast-growing plants are recommended as well as some floating plants. Some types of fish, like catfish, like to seek cover from direct light. Floating plants will provide a way out of this for the fish, and will add fun effects to the design and decoration of the aquarium.
Freshwater aquarium Plants Pictures, Images and Photos
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Add the fish of your choice and enjoy a beautiful tank After your plants established and growing well. While keeping the plants alive in the tank, it is important to treat them as you would other plants. Always remove decaying leaves as they tend to deplete nutrients from the healthy part of the plant. Dying roots will rot beneath the gravel. Be sure to remove any part of the plant that is dying or appears sick. Many plants are seeded into the gravel will reproduce. New plant growth can be removed and planted in other parts of the aquarium. If you use live plants which mainly stem plant, try to remove the lower leaves. These low leaves tend to not get the amount of light needed to stay healthy.

The use of live plants will definitely help in creating a masterpiece aquarium that is pleasing to the eye and a happy and healthy environment for your fish. Always remember to clean your aquarium on a regular basis and inspect plants weekly for decay. Scheduled maintenance is the key to maintaining beautiful and healthy aquarium. Rating: 4.0
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