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Beauty of Marine

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Enjoy the beauty of marine parks in the living room of your house? Why not? The development of technology and science, has provided invaluable benefits for those less daring or unable to dive (diving) to be able to enjoy the natural beauty under the sea in the living room of your home.

Marine parks in your house, in addition to providing added value to your home and status, are also capable of acting to contribute to science and knowledge you and your family especially our children, especially those related to maritime.

Why You Do not Try?

Hobiies marine aquarium is basically divided into two main groups. The first group-oriented hobbies into marine ornamental fish. This group, known MARINE FISH AQUARIA. The other group oriented to the coral reefs and corals known AQUARIA REEF. So, we know the special preserve marine aquarium marine ornamental fish and marine aquarium and reef corals special care.


We will ask, which contains only marine aquarium ornamental fish, anything interesting? if not in join with coral and reefs. And vice versa, we also will ask, marine aquarium with corals and reefs just what to pull? when not combined with ornamental fish. Is not the real marine park under the sea beauty is a combination of coral, corals and ornamental fish?

Then when you start to build a marine aquarium, its orientation to the marine reef fish or the corals? You certainly want your existing aquarium coral, coral and fish at a time (mixing orientation).
As we learn a science, whether it be English, Mathematics, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other knowledge. We must start from the beginning, the introduction phase, the basic / elementry, middle / intermediate and advanced / advanced. Similarly, marine aquarium hobiies this. Combining coral, coral and ornamental fish in an aquarium, a lesson in advanced / advanced.

Marine Aquarium Fish
Aquarium of the orientation of the marine ornamental fish, aquarium requires a wider space and deep. Fish is an active biota move / swim here and there, so the aquarium is large it will make them be like in the original habitat. In addition, ornamental fish is also the biota that causes the most pollution in our aquarium. Marine ornamental fish are beautiful, like Napoleon, Anularis Blue Line, Batmen, generally live at depths of 10 meters to 30 meters. At this depth, they certainly are not the same feed with ornamental fish which are at depths less than 2 meters. The fish that live at depths of 10 to 30 meters, they generally have to consume organisms that live at sea with a certain depth that is difficult to be provided on the ground and although there had been very expensive. Like the coral polyp, copepods, amphipods, dinoflagellates of the genus noctiluca, kinorhynch of the genus echinoderes, sea gooseberry - pleurobranchia pileus, comb jelly of the genus beroe, beroe Cucumis from phylum entoprocta, and others. They feed mostly derived from marine plankton in. Feed-feed largely exists as a result of raising water from deep sea to sea level known as upwelling. Sea water pressure at depths up to 30 meters already larger than the surface of the sea. The more nutrients into the sea fish necessary for developing the more encountered than the sea surface that often have been contaminated.

This information into the cause why the marine ornamental fish can not remain long in the aquarium. Indeed, marine fish such as sharks and rays malignant, often found in shallow peraliran. This they do only to find foods that are often found in shallow peraliran but even then at certain times when the tide rises.
From the information and discussions with experts in this field in the world, as is often the writers do with Anthony Calfo, Robert M. Metelsky, Terry Black, and others through Internet sites, rare marine aquarium which contains only the ornamental fish only. Aquarium so generally is a giant aquarium with a capacity of thousands of cubic liters of water like a big aquarium at Sea World in Jakarta or Singapore Under Water World, aquarium is generally only contains a huge fish such as sharks, rays, tuna, Kerapuh, Grouper and fish- Another big fish is not hard to give feed them, because their food is a rather small fish, prawns and meat. While ornamental reef fish such as napoleon beautiful color, betmen, anularis blue line, triggering flower, leadership, leadership, and other reef fish species are always combined with the corals that have a lot of overgrown plants and animals such as sponges corals, polyps, mushrooms and others. Tank also has a large, reaching into up to 3 meters. There is a long aquarium has reached 3 to 5 meters. From this information, we can conclude, that the marine aquarium for ornamental fish can still be divided into two major groups.

The first group of ornamental reef fish. This type of fish like angel fish, damselfish, Surgeon fish, butterfly fish, gobbies fish, banner fish, fox fish, frog fish, and others. This hobby group that same knowledge with aquarium hobbies coral / reefs. For such an aquarium design, apart from having more in also must meet the necessary requirements corals reef aquaria. Because this type of ornamental fish can not be separated from the living coral reefs.
Both groups were not ornamental reef fish. This type is like a shark, Pari, Tuna, Grouper, Scorpion fish, Kerapuh Tigers, dolphins, whales with a particular type, sea turtles, lobsters and others. Thus aquarium fish require a fairly large and deep. Usually hobbiesnya including the type of hard exclusive circles. This aquarium caves require a large rock at the bottom of tank. Generally, the depth reaches 5 feet. The length of the aquarium to reach 10 feet. Usually aquarium like this is a public aquarium like Sea World in Jakarta, Underwater World in Singapore, and a public aquarium in developed countries such as Australia, Japan, USA, Germany, Britain, Italy and other countries. This type of aquarium development process already requires special conditions. Not just anyone can do that big aquarium construction. Material of manufacture also special. If you are interested in making an aquarium of this magnitude, may have to bring in experts from abroad.

Aquarium Reef Corals
Marine aquarium orientation to the coral and reefs (Reef Corals) require a longer aquarium. Not so deep. Ideal width of 70 to 80 cm. When the aquarium reaches 3 meters in length, width should be 1 meter. The height of a coral aquarium / reef very big influence on lighting / lighting. The depth of less than 60 cm, the lighting is still adequate with Ball NEON TL (fluorescent) standard output. When into the water 60 cm to 70 cm, it is advisable to use Neon TL (fluorescent) type Very High Output (VHO). When the depth of more than 70 cm, should you use metal halide lamps, at least 150 watts. The length and height aquarium aquarium also affect the thickness of the glass aquarium, by itself affect your budget to build the aquarium. ligus as the basic filter (undergravel filters) my friend the aquarium.

Corals reef aquarium, how to setup the contents of an aquarium requires a bit more special. Layer of sand, broken coral in the aquarium base should be thick enough to turn on organisms at the base of the aquarium that will be expected to create a balanced and harmonious ecosystem in the aquarium. The composition of the live rock must also be arranged in such a way, because the live rock that many organisms and algae that are expected to thrive in our aquarium to become a consistent contributor to natural food for corals and reef animals in the aquarium. Coral aquarium can also be included ornamental reef fish. But we must know, some ornamental fish which we combine into the aquarium corals are predators for plants and animals these reefs. Like the kind of leadership-leadership and angelfish, coral polyps are the main feed. So not surprisingly, leadership-leadership and angelfish can survive long in the aquarium coral, but the negative effects of some plants and animals in the aquarium will be bare rock / out preyed upon by these ornamental fish. Hobbies type of reef corals always avoid this type of fish to be merged into the tank.

Aquarium Reef Corals development cost, system and equipment is very expensive. Lighting systems (lighting system), filtrasinya system (filtration system), circulation of water such as tidal, wave, and flow (water movement system: tidals, waves, flow of water), feeding and nutrition (feed & nutrition) everything should be designed such a way that resembles the actual conditions of marine nature. In short, corals reef aquarium hobbies, should be an expert an expert to manipulate the conditions in the aquarium is identical with the actual conditions of marine nature.

Before You Choose
After understanding the types of marine aquarium hobbies, you can take your own conclusions, if you want to combine marine ornamental fish and coral reef in the aquarium, it should be what? Of course the answer is, you have mastered all of the good old fish and coral and reefs hiasnya, even more so you have to learn in depth the behavior and his favorite types of ornamental fish, coral and reefs, Which is the predator and which became simbiosisnya which could merged and which ones do not. Which is kill each other and which support each other. Feed each of them how, and how to provide it how.

Before you choose your marine aquarium where orientation, of course you should consider carefully: Location of your aquarium, how big the size of aquarium you want, the tools they acquired in derah aquarium easy is you, such as sea water for example? You want to start an amateur (use the equipment as it is / was made its own by using materials around us) or you will start this in a professional aquarium system (use sophisticated equipment that they need to be imported from developed countries such as Germany, USA, Japan or the UK).
All that we described above, would eventually lead to the ability of your finances. Your financial investment must be able to reach the first (when building a new aquarium and equipment main-gear) and routine maintenance, including replacement of equipment that is past the time period of usage, diet, nutrition, water and other sea. It is very important, when a jammed middle of the road, this system will fall apart, eventually the contents of your aquarium should be replaced with louhan fish, or arowana discus really too bad is not it?

Hobbies marine aquarium, can not rely solely on the number of money alone, but the farther you also must have the intention to learn all the knowledge related to the hobby this one, zoology, marine ecology, marine ecosystems, marine biology, chemistry, physics, electro and knowledge other related. Hobbies include multidimensional knowledge. Abroad, even in developed countries like the USA, GERMANY, JAPAN, ENGLAND, has a lot of standing high school and university faculty or program that has graduated to the majors hobby this one. Online on-internet, call it Coral Realm.

Marine aquarium hobby is a fun hobby, exclusive, luxurious and expensive. But not all people who have a lot of money, able to present a beautiful marine park in his home. Hobbies marine aquarium, besides having a lot of money also must have good knowledge about the sea and life. Ornamental fish only, or Coral and coral only, or both at once ornamental fish and coral reefs, this option is not easily answered just like that. You have to know much about the marine ornamental fish, coral and reefs. And you also have to know the extent of your financial ability. Wrong choices can make your marine aquarium ultimately only be content with ornamental freshwater fish only.
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