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African butterfly fish life

African Butterfly Fish Pictures, Images and Photos
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African Butterfly Fish (Pantodon buchholzi) These fish are small with a body length not exceeding 13 cm and has a fairly wide pectoral fins. is a unique fish found in the Congo river and the river Niger in West Africa. This pectoral fins look like wings of a butterfly when viewed from above. These fish have eyes and mouth are trained to hunt their prey at the water surface

The less attractive they are colored green with a slight brownish-gray color. African butterfly fish are tropical fish that can survive a temperature range of 23 - 300C and pH 6 to 7.5. Fins are transparent in color and sometimes there is a ring of dark and pale, while the pectoral fins blackish with white edges. Black pattern also extends from the top of the head through the eye to the upper jaw.

Because the African butterfly fish food are carnivores (insectivores ) and is a specialist hunter on his favorite surface is insects and small fish. Sometimes he also jumped out of the water to hunt their prey. In addition, the African butterfly fish are also able to breathe by taking air directly on the water surface.
freshwater african butterfly fish
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Differences in male and female fish are located on the back edge of the fin anal, the male and the female generally convex shape of straight.
Breeding techniques is not easy but it has to be done in a tank scale. Water conditions for breeding should be slightly acidic with a pH 6 to 6.5 and a temperature of 77 - 780F. Initially males will chase females among the water plants and then the male will clamp the female in the fins.
Egg-laying process will occur within a few days by the number of eggs 100 grains per day. The eggs will float on the surface of the water, because fish is not the kind of parent guards the eggs should be separated into another tank. The eggs will hatch after 3-4 days, the seedlings were raised because the fish is difficult to require a very small live food.
Microworm not be used as a food fish newly hatched chicks, puppies are usually very small shrimp that can be used as an alternative. Fish seedlings are very sensitive to changes in water quality so that these things need to be controlled. reference [ZA fish action] Rating: 4.0
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