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Cultivation Oscar Fish

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Oscar fish (Astronatus Ocellatus) is a species of freshwater fish from the river Amazon, Panama, Paraguay and the Rio-Negro-Tio South America, and are distributed throughout the world. These fish can already be developed in Indonesia.

Oscar fish have interesting shapes and colors. Blackish body color with reddish yellow batik motif. This fish requires special treatment in pengembangbiakannya way, so it is difficult to be cultivated.


Selection of Parent

1) Parent that is suitable for the breeding should have 1.5 to 2 years old, with body length reaching 15 cm and 10cm high, and brightly colored.

2) Parent selection can be started at the age of juvenile fish (5-6 months) by mixing 5 males and 5 females. This oscar fish will find their own partners. After each pair, then separate in the tub itself to be a parent.

Differences in male and female
Male ParentFemale Parent
- Body relatively longer- Parent who has done his stomach looks bloated
- Genital more prominent- Larger hole sex


1. Like a marriage can be made of cement a 1.5 x 1 x 0.5 m3, then filled with water that has been deposited for 12-24 hours with a height of 30-40 cm. If the marriage tub area, sealing can be done.

2. A pair of oscar parent who has entered a mature egg for spawning each tub.

3. At each given a flat stone bathtub, preferably dark, and the top of the vessel is closed to the atmosphere seemed dim.

4. These fish usually spawn in the afternoon and evening immediately fertilized by the males.

5. Eggs that are above the flat rock after fertilization, can be lifted to be moved into the aquarium for hatching. Aquariums are used should be sized 70 x 40 x 40 cm3 and a height of 10 cm filled with water to eggs that come from the parent pair.

6. The aquarium is supplied air bubbles (aeration) with the weak force.

7. After three days usually begin to hatch eggs. Water should be given a mixture of liquid methylene blue to prevent fungus covered eggs.


These fish until the age of four days should not be fed, because they still consume the egg yolks. Feeding during this period will only pollute the water and can cause disease.

On day five, the seeds can be fed rotifers or tiny shrimp. Feeding should be quite frequent as the cannibalistic nature of these fish (prey on each other).

On day ten seed was given to water fleas that have been filtered.

When she was 2 weeks, the seeds begin without filtered water was given lice da hair started to try to speed up the worm given magnification.

Seeds can be moved to a larger tub after the age of 25 days.


Enlargement can be done after the seed was 25 days.

Seeds that can be generated from one-time hatching approximately 1000-3000 birds.

Bak used should be a 2 x 1 x 1 m3 and filled with water as high as 20-25 cm.

For the first time enlargement, seed can be spread around 300 fish.

To reduce the heat of the sun during the day, in a bath of water given plants like water hyacinth and hidrilla verticillata. To prevent the entry of too much rain, the pool can be closed zinc with plastic.

Food can be given the hair worm.

After the fish aged 5-6 months, then be selected as a parent. Food provided was replaced with shrimp or shrimp rebon time surviving.

Parent pair can produce 1000 to 4000 eggs once spawning.

To produce a beautiful color on oscar fish, feeding should contain calcium (chitine) which starts from childhood, such as water fleas, rotifers, hair worms, Artemia, shrimp or shrimp rebon times.

Good luck. (RAD)
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