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Neon tetra fish breeding

The types of fish known TETRA quite beautiful. The various types of tetra known in Indonesia as Tetra Green, Blue Tetra, Silver Tetra, Neon Tetra & many others. In this paper presented a kind of neon tetra from the river Amazon U.S., and has been breeding in Indonesia. Neon Tetra (Hyphessobryconnesi), ornamental fish are included in the group's most interesting ornamental fish. His body was red brindle and blue evergreen body of the gills to its tail. Ornamental fish are easy to maintain, strong and not easy to get sick / die.

neon tetra fish
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2. HOW to breeding.
How to breed this tetra fish species is still quite difficult and requires persistence and long experience. As for culturing the fish are in need of certain conditions among:

1. Water should be sterile and acidic (pH less than 6.4)
2. Excited at a dark place.
3. Ambient temperature of 20 ° C

How to distinguish males and females are as follows:

  • Males Females
The form is rather long and short round abdomen enlarged straight lines are fluorescent lines are slightly curved
  • Way of breeding:

1. Separate moms neon tetra.
2. Rainwater is stored and aged up to + 2 weeks.
3. Places that used to spawn, the fish was first cleaned and washed with alum.
4. Enter the rain water into the spawning places.
5. Give the acid timber with water immersion.
6. Silenced 2 ~ 3 days.
7. Enter the plants or leaves to lay eggs the neon tetra.
8. Enter tetra parent who has been separated beforehand.
9. Cover the hole and give the place a little light in order to be able to see the movements of the fish.
10. If you see a male and female romp with each other, then the + 3 days later the eggs are seen attached to the leaves or roots that have been provided.
11.Move the parent and covered with black cloth so that no incoming light.
12. During the day + 3 neon tetra eggs are hatched.
13. Children can fish fed infusoria the bacterial decay on leaves of cabbage / cabbage was decomposed drop by drop.
14.  After 2-3 weeks of the closing was to be opened again.
15. Then the children will look tetra fish.
In hot areas should this be done Tetra breed bathroom that weather was damp and cold.
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  1. I agree that having this fish breed would be amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing this review.


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