Friday, September 23, 2011

Weird Fish Living in Toxic Waste

This despite the odd fish have been exposed to toxic waste but still alive. This is because fish is able to evolve to be able to cope with these harmful chemicals.

Fish that is actually named Tomcod looks the same as usual cod, which vary only their smaller size. This strange fish live in the Hudson River and surrounding areas.

Hudson River since 1947 to 1976 have been exposed to toxic waste in the waste by the General Electric company. In the 1980's about 95 percent of the fish in the region were found to suffer from liver tumors.

But when scientists continue to investigate, they found a fish that is resistant to the toxic waste that the fish tomcod.

Tomcod fish can be resistant to the toxic waste because it has a specific gene. Technically not a mutan.Hanya tomcod fish they fish that can evolve with their environment so they are able to survive in comparison with other fish.

But although they managed to survive in this toxic river, tomcod fish have lost the ability to cope with natural disturbances such as decreased oxygen in the water or rising water temperatures. source : Rating: 4.0
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